Leaves lose their green scrubs
and put on their party dresses.
Dance for a time in the wind
until they fall to the ground.
We pay them no mind
as they crunch under our feet.
When we walk down the road
sky looks barren and bleak.
Making the hardest heart break.
We continue walking down the road.
Waiting for brand new green scrubs.


Peace Found

I saw the lake

I sat on the rock

I listened to the sounds

I shut off my mind

PEACE is what I found

I was beauty as far as the eye could see

I was comfort for those who sought rest

I had all the right words at the right time

I LOVED me at that moment

Peace is what I found

You find that place

You take a seat

You listen to all the sounds around

You shut off your mind

PEACE is what you will find

A Common Yellow Flower

I saw a young girl pick a flower.

Eyes filled with wonder, seeing all the beauty around her.

The wind, being mean, lifted her dress.

Youth, with all its wisdom, shielded her from shame.


To me, all the flowers looked the same.

However her attention was focused on her great find.

What special attributes did that one hold to posses her undivided love?

My heart broke realizing my jaded aged eyes were blind.


Little flying insects flew all around.

Going from one flower to another.

The little girl took no head of the options before her.

All the while, little pests went from one flower to the next.


Mother Nature was orchestrating a fantastic show.

Sun shining; wind blowing; grass swaying

The girl gently tickled her nose.

Swaying back and forth with the partner she chose.