Imperfectly Perfect

I’m that girl.
Trying to hide.
Don’t want to be seen.
Sure I will hear laughter.
Know the sound will cause tears
don’t want mascara in my eyes.

I may not be perfect in your eyes.
I’m not the prettiest girl.
This truth has caused me many tears
and forced me to hide
stifling much of my laughter
knowing the sound will make me seen.

Truth is I desire to be seen
and feel the attention of eyes
…minus the laughter.
After all, I am a girl.
What girl wants to hide?
But I do…hence the tears.

Through the years, I’ve shed tears.
Which others have seen.
My crying, I was urged to hide.
Told people see weakness in my eyes
and people will hurt a weak girl.
Hurt them with more than laughter.

Sweet, can be the sound of laughter.
The sound doesn’t have to cause tears
and handicap a girl.
I should be able to be seen
without one tear to come to my eyes.
I will find a way to not have to hide!

I am too good to hide from the laughter
And condemnation in eyes causing tears
I wanna be seen as an imperfectly perfect girl.