White Venom Purr

I have something to say…

No lie, last thing I want to do is shout.
I would prefer doing it in a seductive whisper real close to your ear so the vibration adds to its power.

If I have your attention please perk your ears.

Words from the heart have power if delivered in a mighty yell or hushed tone.

Truth of the matter…my tongue can give pleasure beyond compare but it can also be used as a blade. I do either or as long as my point is made.

Lucky you…today I chose to keep it in my sheath and just purr.

I really don’t want to inflict any fatal blows to y’all’s egos. But my hand is flexing and temper is about to blow.

I am a woman…not a ho
I have needs, just like you
If one need is not met
Don’t be rude just because
I’m smart enough to take
Gifts and cash instead
Ya shoulda paid what was due
Please pass to every bro

my tongue can give pleasure beyond compare but it can also be used as a blade. I do either or as long as my point is made.

Lucky you…today I chose to keep it in my sheath and just purr.

Please spread the word.

I really don’t want to inflict any fatal blows to y’all’s egos. But my hand is flexing and temper is about to blow.

Could y’all try to vary the tones of your literary voice so your points are not lost in all that noise?

We all know you got talent and have something to say from your own unique point of view…stand down for a moment from trying to prove it.

If you constantly feel like you have to fight to gain ground in your lyrical aspirations, remember ground is only gained on any field with offense plays. Offense is benched if defense is always played…and eventually tires and ground will be lost.

We are all friends here. Don’t write like we are foes. Try new things and saying your thoughts in new ways.

The real world is hard and won’t give a shit about you and your talent until it is fine tuned and refined.

Let us help each other to do just that. Check your egos at the lounge door and stop trying to prove your worth…instead use it to improve your worth.

You will be better for it.
For sure


White Venom Verse

I don’t have a hard edge to smash heads like gangsters, thugs, hustlers, and players do to abuse to make you believe they are better than you.
Ya better believe this woman God gifted with flow to put ya in the know
pushing others down has gotta go.
They desire to bring down others to make themselves seem bigger.
Wizen up my friends to the deceit
Of fools claiming to be packing heat.
History don’t lie it tends to repeat
Soon we all will witness their defeat
We all know how the script goes
They be puffing up to the point they blow up yet nobody remembers they ever showed up cause their weak ass rhymes have value of throw up
Flush them and give me some time
to seduce your mind with my rhyme
My weapon is more clever because it is soft as a feather yet still cardinal red from the blood its shed cutting out goiters of feelings caught in people’s throats that society says must not be let out.
My writing pages are full of splatters from damage done with each stroke of my simple pen as it writes complex thoughts that come from my head.
I dare to say I am not perfect and I was hurt from my past and most my life my spirit has been broken and put in a cast.
You may see the words I speak as weak.
What I say may be touchy feely but each syllable comes from a place of love for me and my fellow man.
Come on you mean mother fuckers….stand on my shoulders. I don’t mind being below you cause between us two I’m the one strong enough to hold you. My spirit has been broken and set. I have emerged anew. While your still function on adrenaline…anybody with a brain can see you are hurting.
Now who looks like the sucker? Here is a hint…I can lick you mother fucker!

My HipHop/Rap Alter Ego Is White Venom

Recently, I have developed a new obsession. My obsession is HipHop/Rap. I spend hours on YouTube listening to whatever I come across or is suggested. I eat it all up. Including the comments section reading how others respond and how they act. I have come to learn so much! I impress myself by using the lingo unique to this genre and subculture at times.

It is an odd obsession to develop considering I’m almost 40, a woman, raised in a small town, and never cared for it much growing up. My obsession originally started because I made a few new friends who were HipHop/Rap enthusiasts. They appreciated my opinions on lyrics presented. I feel cooler now than I felt my entire life.

Not to brag, but a little verse I wrote and performed is going to be used as a drop on a friend’s soon to be released mixtape. I am sorry, I pride myself on being real so have to admit telling you the above was all brag. I am very proud of that accomplishment. Another great pride of mine, after using Google, is being told I’m trill.

Please don’t think my recent obsession has created any radical changes in me. People on YouTube, who don’t know me, make fun of my long detailed critiques I comment. I still dress age appropriate and have no desire to emerge my whole identity into the subculture. However, I can’t deny allure of it all.

I want to write more about my recent obsession in the future. I hope my posts are well received by all, regardless of their background. I believe some of my observations of the subculture’s underground and mainstream will be found more interesting than you expect.

In conclusion, going to include my own attempts at writing verse. Not the best, I am well aware. Perfection was not my goal when writing. Rather, my goal was to never say I did not give it a shot….probably why I’m trill when so many others are not.

“Mama’s Math”

All men rate me a perfect ten
Shit! What a pain this has been
Had to do some Facebook weeding
Nixing 5 what I was needing
I try to be a classy woman
But never forget I got venom
I’ll do what I gotta to thrive
Seconds given to mourn was 5
I never fear having nothing left
Forcing me to commit a theft
My hair is as dark as a raven
My darkness assures breaking even
You asking how I dare
I’ll indulge you and share
Let mama give you a lesson bath
Using the soap called math
5 plus 5 is always me
Not gonna settle for a common he
So don’t try knocking on my door
Thinking I’ll greet ya like a whore
Bitch who you think you be?
You will never be worthy of me
I’ll only be wifed by a real man
Try to be one if you can
I gleefully await that day
Till then fucking go away
Cause I don’t need a hero
Damn! 5 minus 5 is you a zero

“Zombie Apocalypse”

Too many voices saying nothing worth hearing/my ears are bleeding/I need to hear something smart/something from a heart/don’t know why y’all worried about a zombie apocalypse/zombies are fucking everywhere/I’m not afraid to admit I’m scared as hell/somebody please ring the bell/we gotta take action/put are forces in motion/raise your voices to work/this is not the time to lurk/come out of hiding/use your pens for fighting/zombies are afraid of light/shine your brilliance with all your might/let’s back them into the corners of society/it’s time for the mentally strong to quit speaking politely/let’s unleash an atomic shout/so brainless zombies get the fuck out

The End For Now….White Venom Is Out