Feet taking turns to assure motion
Always assured of function
Takes more than gumption
to shun shun

As shoes rub blister forms from friction
Trash is only sane option
Takes more than gumption
to shun shun

Lady on corner children caution
She shouts fanciful fiction
Takes more than gumption
To shun shun




Peace Found

I saw the lake

I sat on the rock

I listened to the sounds

I shut off my mind

PEACE is what I found

I was beauty as far as the eye could see

I was comfort for those who sought rest

I had all the right words at the right time

I LOVED me at that moment

Peace is what I found

You find that place

You take a seat

You listen to all the sounds around

You shut off your mind

PEACE is what you will find

Mother’s RIng

After being reminded of our Mother’s birthday,

I remembered the Mother’s ring she was given by us all

on some occasion I do not recall.

I do not know what her feelings


or are

about that ring

but I do know mine.

I remember growing up

being amazed

how all the stones were arranged

in a way that would make anyone think each stone,

right to left,

were not placed in order of birth.

September’s sapphires placed at either end.

The first was a son.

The last was a son.

Both turned out to be the daughter’s emotional rocks.

Always looking at the sensibility of living in a family unit

and enjoying

not having the emotional outbursts

that rocked the boat of our clan.

They have learned

if they walked away long enough…

all would be well when they returned.

Next to sapphires is the garnets.

Eldest daughter

Youngest daughter

Both share the same dirty brown stone,

 loud laughs everyone enjoys hearing…

and little else.

The eldest found her path in life early and never thought to stray.

The youngest path is a wondering one

she has no want to find ”the path” but explore them all.

Both believe paths are ”right”

and never see eye to eye.

Both blind to their similarity

of freely giving bits of wisdom

out of love.

In the middle of the ring

 two stones that have no match.

Growing up,

I felt sad

about their aloneness.

Only after getting older,

and learning who the people were

did I see the connection

between the stones

and the persons.

The Diamond is rare

holds great value.

Worth of the pale stone

risks being forgotten

when surrounded by all the color.

This person,

like the diamond,

stands out

catching fire in the light.

She draws eyes

to the beauty of the stones

yet refuses to be outshone by them.

The lone emerald

the remaining daughter

just like in the ring

brings a sense of peace

and purity

to the collection.

Both beautiful enough to stand alone

but opts to bring he gifts to all.

I loved that ring as a child.

The ring is how

I knew my older brothers and sisters.

I hope Mom passes it on to me.

As long as that ring has us all in a row together,

I have hope

someday,we can do the same.

Free from past baggage

and learn to appreciate the beauty of each other.

Much love to them all

from this

dirty red


Taking the Love Outta Love

Sitting here freshly bathed
Panties not bothered to be put on


For some effort made from your side


You make it clear it will happen
But only when your ready


But that’s just you prepping
This, I’ve learned is my sign to be


Is all I can give with this approach
This love-making is not what we had before
yet your expectations are the same


Is how your actions make me feel
Tried to use words to express how I feel
You respond with silence
The sex, I don’t miss


I miss those being between us
Wish these things could be fixed

Putting on a Show

My JOY is a dancing elephant

Bigger than life standing on two feet

Putting on a show for all those watching

Smiles are on all who can’t help to find the positive vibes

from this Majestic Beast infectious

People’s minds are so focused on what they are seeing



they forget

This oddity that fills them with so much elation

is in reality just a

plain ol grey pachyderm

and something that would be easy to ignore

and forgotten

The illusion is kept

as long as can be

However, like all good things, the dancing ends

The beast is tired and can’t continue to entertain

Two feet that were once in the air; come down

without a sound

A proud trunk which once delighted the crowd with a trumpeting sounds

Now went limp with exhaustion

and the now hidden mouth is panting

The once exalted animal exits the arena

Those who once were enthralled

divert their attention

to the new attraction put in place

diverting attention from the lumbering animal’s slow retreat

After departure of the now forgotten spectical

People continued to have a grand time

untill they were told it was time to head home…

When the time has come for the tent to come down

People heading out never associated the big animals doing manual labor

who they feel no sympathy

with the fascinating beasts

who defied gravity  and made grand sounds

bringing them such delight.

That is why

my joy is a dancing elephant.

He Let Her Dance

A girl,
denied her youth,
steals a moment.
Rain falling
Sun shining
Puddles forming
Believed her new umbrella
would be her only witness
as she danced without worry
just for an instant.
She finally felt the joy
of not trying to be perfect.
Shoes wet
Movements clumsy
Umbrella twirling
Her treasured moment
was shattered in an instant.
A man she spied
who was not her Father
yet claimed he loved her Mother.
All efforts to be perfect…gone.
She was caught
being perfectly imperfect.
Her dismay turned to delight.
Eyes did not belittle
Voice did not raise
Mouth did not frown
Her heavy heart lifted.
She felt tiny seed of worth planted
and vowed to love him forever
in an instant.

Battle Cry

You evil man who plays the victim…I have a message for you.

(don’t run and hide)

Your days are numbered. This I can assure you.

For the longest time I have camped outside your Tower of Lies…denied entrance by your victims installed as guards.

I wonder what you will say when asked to account for your torture of the ones you were tasked to nurture…

Will you claim to be innocent because you were once a victim?

That excuse will not fly guy. The pain you endured will not give you asylum from the pain you inflicted.

By circumstance, I was saved from your worse. And the guilt I feel for this fuels my desire…to see you and your fortress burned up by fire.

Years have passed. You are old. We are still broken. But I can finally see you are starting to weaken.

I pray your fall allows those you now hold prisoner freedom from lies you told and they can finally see the strength, power, and beauty they posses.

Untill they are released I will remain your tormented victim.

Scruffy Angel With A Message

I want to share a story to show my gratitude for one of the best gifts I have ever been given.

The gift I hold so dear, was presented to be by a fellow junkie.

We had nothing in common besides our shared addiction and the building we were housed in.

We would kill time between therapy, smokes, snacks, and meals talking about this, that, and nothing.

However, during one of our one on one stress relieving sessions, I told a story that was always so painful and filled me with shame…

Even though I was only a child and the victim.

As soon as I started…

I wanted to stop…

but couldn’t.

Instead I told my sad tale like it was a joke.

I laughed at my pain so as not to burden this recent stranger with feeling obligated to pretend he cared and give me some token pity.

I wanted to end it with a final laugh and give him a Newport as payment for his time…

But to my surprise no pity was given. In its place I was given the permission to allow my feelings be first.

He told me my story was not funny and I did not need to laugh.

He knew what happened must have hurt…

The weight of my pain was less as he showed me compassion.

He said when somebody hurts me it should not be funny.

He gently put his hand on mine and said he thought it would be better if I cried.

At that moment that wonderful junkie served as a wittiness to my tears I always kept hidden…

When I already felt he gave me so much…he gave me one more.

I saw tears fall from his eyes.

How could a victim ask for anything more!

Soon after, we went our separate ways…

But I swear this on a stack of Bibles…his gift will always remain close to my heart.

And in my heart, I know this grand gift could never be given by a nice junkie unless God used him to teach me this life changing lesson.

I don’t ask why God allowed such a bad thing to happen.

Asking why does not take pain away. It did, and that’s that.

However, the pain I lived with for so long did feel less the day God used a kind junkie to give me the permission and compassion needed to make it easier to deal with. 

A Reflection’s Final Adieu

My worth is more than the reflection of you that I allow you to see.

You like what you see of you reflected in my eyes.

Consider my reflection of a gift…from me to you.

However, I would be remiss if I did not warn.

While my reflection of you is true…

My goal is to find the person who reflects me the very way I reflect you.

I know there is beauty to be found in the ugly I feel.

This is the truth of the matter…

We are not creatures designed to live in this world solo. We all feel the need to be part of a duo.

I used to think you were my other half but time has shown the reflection of you is why you want me by your side


This is evident with the anger you show when I turn you pretty reflection off and allow the ugly shine thru

Or when you display irrational jealousy when I care enough to reflect another in a loving effort to allow them to see the beauty they have.

I am hoping you someday find the person you can see your reflection in and care enough about to reflect them back…

But my time reflecting you is over and done.

It’s time for me to go in search for my radiant reflection in somebody new.


Emotional Ride (A nod to Tony Haynes)

Although all alone

     Bothersome thinking nil

Caged they appear to be

     Distant rumbles heard

Escape accomplished

     Fear sets in

Gaining momentum

     Harbor in minds they seek

Insanity is their mission

     Jokes not said heard

Kind words sought

     Laughter blasting

Mockery of pain felt

     Nods of approval needed

Open arms sought

     Pleas for pain to vacate

Quickly relief is found

     Retreating fast like it came

Salvation is found again

     Tremendous weight lifted

Unique this ride is not

     Virtually found world-wide

Women Men alike

     X-ing them from society

Your compassion is asked

     Zilch is the cost

A Mother’s Confession

Time for mommy to come clean…and reveal her innermost thoughts.

They are not pretty

Voices in my head chant, “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

Beats of my heart thump,
“Let it out! Let it out!”

First, let me be blunt…I did not want the responsibility of being a Mom

Despite what the voices in my head say, I am not stupid…

Growing up, I was not given the opportunity to learn by example


How could I love the creation of someone I hated?

I planned on spending my life finding a HERO who was willing to take on this ZERO

Afterall, I did not know what was missing….

As a child, I always did as instructed…

I was to watch the world around me…

Active participation was forbidden!

I always delivered the lines I was given…I was dumb, I was lazy, I was thoughtless, I was dirty….

I always observed other players with awe and envy…

Why did they always get top billing?

I felt the HAPPY, PRIDE, CONTENTMENT, and SECURITY from them as they walked by…and felt empty inside…but they NEVER took a second look.

I figured they were instructed to over look.

Throughout it all…a whisper would occasionally tickle my ear, “Take the smile off.”

Occasionally, I was embolden enough to follow that whisper’s instruction


Parental, family, and religious correction was always swiftly given

The primary rule, me and my siblings were given, was always keep our smiles in place because ANY form of happy kept secrets HIDDEN…

Any secret revealed would mean the end of our world and WE ALL would be left with nothing

Long story short….

At 17 I knew I was of age to explore and find me…

However, due to lack of guidance at the time it took awhile to find what I was instructed to keep hidden.

I found myself playing a role of a good for nothing person who had no worth

This was the role I was playing when I got knocked up by a guy I now refer to as, “Her Father.”

Despite the handicap I was given, I knew, some way and some how I had to do better than I was given.

I had to figure a way to use the information I gathered watching others around me…

I grand plan was put in place…

The plan had only two  goals in mind…

My daughter would know she has a VOICE and given the POWER to use it come what may…

I swore, these two things I was denied she would have.

Don’t get me wrong it was a hard task to under take.

You see, it’s hard for a broken to raise a whole…

Turns out God was on my side and the desired end result was accomplished

However, my sorrow runs deep the price paid for this grand designs to be seen to futation is steep.

The price paid for this nobel plan of action was the Mom being seen for what she is….something to be left behind.

It’s expected…

I taught her to expect the best walk away from anything less.

I showed her all my flaws cause the only way to teach her what to be was to show her what not to be (which was me)

Yes, I wish I could turn back the time and show her by being the person I wanted her to be….

I wish we shared more hugs and kisses….

But with heavy heart I knew raising a child was not about me.

I am proud to say my daughter is perfection.

Looking back I now realize the process of raising her was also the process of raising me.

Perhaps in time, she will desire to know the woman I never knew untill recently myself.

But if not, my tears are wiped away by the knowledge of my success in raising a whole while broken myself.


Been thinking for a time
Reaching for something gone
Everyone sees the truth
Anxious about tomorrows
Knowing the pain of change
In my head knowing it’s right
Now gotta convince my heart
Going to take time to heal

Use tissues to dry my eyes
Please know effort was made