I want a discussion….

I hate when a person goes on and on…and expects me to just listen. When this happens, which it does frequently, I feel like a dirty magazine. Think about it, a person looks at the pictures found in magazines, similar to Playboy (classy) and Hustler (trashy) , and stimulates his/her genitalia so the feeling of sweet release is experienced. Likewise, people who talk to me without wanting me to ever talk back so they can fondle his/her egos with the belief what they say has more value then anybody else, including me, till they feel sweet release of self-importance.

I never want a person who honors me by reading my blog to feel like this here. To make sure you don’t….I encourage the reader to talk back to me about the topic of the post so we can engage in discussion.

Now it is up to you. 🙂