White Venom Verse

I don’t have a hard edge to smash heads like gangsters, thugs, hustlers, and players do to abuse to make you believe they are better than you.
Ya better believe this woman God gifted with flow to put ya in the know
pushing others down has gotta go.
They desire to bring down others to make themselves seem bigger.
Wizen up my friends to the deceit
Of fools claiming to be packing heat.
History don’t lie it tends to repeat
Soon we all will witness their defeat
We all know how the script goes
They be puffing up to the point they blow up yet nobody remembers they ever showed up cause their weak ass rhymes have value of throw up
Flush them and give me some time
to seduce your mind with my rhyme
My weapon is more clever because it is soft as a feather yet still cardinal red from the blood its shed cutting out goiters of feelings caught in people’s throats that society says must not be let out.
My writing pages are full of splatters from damage done with each stroke of my simple pen as it writes complex thoughts that come from my head.
I dare to say I am not perfect and I was hurt from my past and most my life my spirit has been broken and put in a cast.
You may see the words I speak as weak.
What I say may be touchy feely but each syllable comes from a place of love for me and my fellow man.
Come on you mean mother fuckers….stand on my shoulders. I don’t mind being below you cause between us two I’m the one strong enough to hold you. My spirit has been broken and set. I have emerged anew. While your still function on adrenaline…anybody with a brain can see you are hurting.
Now who looks like the sucker? Here is a hint…I can lick you mother fucker!


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