I Am Fire

I am fire
He draws near
Puts out his hands
Keeping his heart away
Doing what I must
Feeling it’s my purpose

I skillfully tickle his cold hands
Taking care to playfully dance away
Right at the precise moment
Knowing my reason for existing
Will tragically end if I burn him

Pain causes fear in mortal men
History has proven
I could beautifully sway
Left and right
Up and down
Over and over
The best a fire can
Promising my warm embrace
The man would still stay away
So I keep my distance
Assuring my reason for existence

The man takes comfort in my glow
As darkness shows itself the villian
Denying the lights in heaven glory
Yet me, the fire, still has power
So the man draws even closer
When a chill takes hold of the night

The man feeds my flames
Right before he drifts off to sleep
He has got me roaring hot
My flames are so high
Evil Darkness sees me as it’s equal
The man is asleep
Slumber keeping him unaware
Of my beauty as I burn crimson hot

Sparks shoot out
Slowly go out before touching down
Every so often
My fuel once a might tree
Hisses and pops
As it breaks apart

Causes beasts slowly circling
Around my protective glow
To retreat further with fear
The man rests unaware
I have saved him from danger
With pride I burn even brighter
More pops and hisses are heard

What a pity indeed
I always destroy the wood
That came from a giant tree
Whose roots grew deep
So it could grow to grand heights
With dreams of touching the sky

As night progresses
My power lessens
I feel myself grow weaker
The man, my reason, draws closer
Wants to benefit as much as he can

He awakens to a bright new day
He holds his hands out again
Even if the man offered his heart
I am too weak to accept
There is no dance of flames
Heat comes from embers
Which are the only remains
From timber which was my victim

As the man collected the water
To assure power I have can’t grow
My short life’s events
I finally saw as significant
And realized
My purpose in life was not him
I had more power than this mortal

He was not my reason for being
He I could have destroyed
Too bad
Too late
This time

My smoke fills the sky
Making a promise
Seen far and wide
I am Fire
I will burn bright again

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