Dirty Laundry

dirty laundry
man ignores
in corner
easy to ignore
takes a wife
has children
more and more
clothes worn
tossed in corner

dirty laundry
man and wife ignores
filling the whole downstairs
get brand new clothes
people on outside impressed
blissfully unaware house stinks
however stench residents very aware
smell’s memory stubbornly clings
with each residents daily escape
and gives an awkward hug upon return

dirty clothes pile continues to grow
children have families who also ignore
filling most space from cellar to attic
extended family can’t find space of own
toes of all either sore or calloused
being stepped on regular basis does that
space a premium yet ignore real problem
instead, evict those who dare complain
sadly they leave only home they know
with only the clothes on their backs

dirty laundry
so small at first
tore up a large family
how sad is that


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