Dig Deep

It is time to dig deep.
I got to see what is inside.
Too long it has been hidden
and told what buried is forbidden.
I now know I was fed lies.
Too long, I had an upset stomach.

Butterflies now alone in my stomach.
Sweat drips off me as I dig deep
encountering big boulders of lies.
I can’t wait to find what’s inside.
Why was it forbidden?
Why was it hidden?

Truths should never be hidden.
Only food should be in your stomach
Fluttering butterflies forbidden
Emotions never should be hidden deep
They need released not kept inside
If told different…it’s all lies

Lived a life defined by lies
My true self forbidden
Not knowing what is inside
Making me sick to my stomach
I gotta dig deep
to discover what’s hidden

Excitement builds as I zone in on hidden
And I get past the lies
Over time, I’ve dug deep
Looking for the forbidden
I want an empty stomach
So I can gorge on the truths inside

What is inside no longer forbidden
My stomach no longer full of lies
I’m not hidden and the real me is deep


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