My Muse is Depressed; In Need for Uplifting Inspiration

After reviewing my writing, I discovered I am often very depressing. My latest poems were written with me wanting to write somethings that were lighter. I believe I failed. While I was writing, I got so frustrated at my inability to write something joyful and light lacking any thought that was depressing. The closest thing I came to success with was my musings about mushroom hunting. I have to come clean…I hated that post. Only reason I sent it…was because it was the lightest thing I wrote.

It is clear. My Muse, despite her recent day off, is close to a break-down. I need to make sure she gets some help. I promise I will do that.

However, while she is under medical care I need your help in inspiring me. Give me a writing prompt that will inspire me to write with light…instead of dark. It can be anything that you believe is something that needs to put in poetry form because of the goodness that it has.

You are under no obligation to help me with this…but I figured I would ask because my Muse and I have not had the best luck accomplishing this task of yet.

I thank you in advance for your consideration,

Best Wishes!

Billie ♥


20 thoughts on “My Muse is Depressed; In Need for Uplifting Inspiration

  1. Sand in my toes, holding hands, sounds of the waves, breeze, smell of salt, wind, sunglasses, hats, walking in the water, holding your shoes and getting your feet wet, laughing, introspection, meditation, sitting in the warm sand.

    • See! All I had to do is ask. Honestly…none of those things came to my mind. I believe I have been banned from access to lights inspiration. 🙂

      Thanks for the help my friend!

  2. First, I would disagree with your thinking! Poetry is the most ‘immediate’ form of writing – coming direct from the soul/heart/whatever you believe in… There’s nothing wrong with any of your recent work! If there IS a problem, it’s trying to force yourself to write something you’re not feeling.

    Second, pushed to provide a prompt, I would suggest: a tomato, fallen from the vine, alone and overlooked – sad or funny, comforting or doom laden, the choice is yours 🙂

  3. I believe it was Australian poet Tara Mokhtari who once commented on the fact that poets in general are often quite depressing, and although not all of them will necessarily take their own life, their work will not always be passionate and romantic. If you have a muse then I am certain that you could easily generate a piece about the one who owns your heart, vice versa. That’s kind of what I do; I become fascinated by a woman and write poetry about her, and although it is not always necessarily romantic and light hearted, it is a truthful articulation of my thoughts and feelings, Poetry is best when it is real, for other readers will sense the realism and become emotionally involved in your work. Falsified emotions are very easily visualised by one’s readership. Also, I don’t believe your pieces are negative at all. You still have a long way to go yet until your pieces are as depressing as mine. When you start writing pieces about wanting to take a knife to your body and tear out your entrails and bleed across the surface of the floor as to acquire the attention of the one you love more than life itself (actually that sounds like a good idea for a poem, I should totally jot that down for use later!), then you can label yourself a depressed poetic soul. But not before! Try to remain optimstic! 😀

    • I know what you are saying is true. The part where you said that if the emotions expressed are not actually being felt then the overall tone to the poem sounds contrived…I believe !00%!

      Actually, nothing turns me off more to a poem than when I can not feel the heart in it.

      For the record, the reason for my post was for 2 reasons.

      #1 I knew I would be gone for a bit and I wanted to try and do something to prompt those who follow me to keep an eye out for my return.

      #2 I don’t want to write about mental-health, depression, feeling lost, and being broken because I am more than just those feelings. 🙂

      Before I close this comment….You taking the time to comment means bunches to me. Thank you!

  4. I, as one who is often dark as well, appreciate your candor here and the comments that were offered. Number one is integrity in your work and if you feel dark, damn it, write about it. If something light spurs you on, then write about that. Prompts may give you an idea of something “light” to write about, but the feelings have to come from within. I’m not sure a prompt can do that. I could be wrong, though. I am looking forward to your Muse series, as I too write about my Muse and ironically started a poem about it yesterday. Not sure if I will publish it, though. Best of luck and I enjoy reading everything you put out and I am not the only one. 🙂

    • Thanks for your wonderful comment that says a lot.

      You are right…a prompt is only a starting point. The wonderful prompts that Shoe and Looney normally would be seen as uplifting….but when I tried to use them they took a tailspin to the dark. It’s weird really…I did feel happy. But when I have pen in hand or fingers on keyboard my thoughts are dark. I wonder if this is a conditioned response? lol I am still trying to figure it out.

      On the bright side…you will find my First installment of my Muse Short Stories already posted. I did enjoy writing that and being able to write with a bit of humor for a change.

      Thank you for enjoying my offerings as much as i enjoy yours. You are a treasured find while trying to do this blogging thing. 🙂

      • Those were really good prompts. I often find myself going in the opposite direction that someone would assume as well. Like when I wrote a poem called “Savage Stain” it was thought that that would be a dark poem when it wasn’t. A friend read my poem “Muse” (coincidence) which was also light to me but she took as very dark. I think we think opposite of what is “expected.” I think it’s a good thing (most of the time 🙂 )

        You, too, are a treasured find to me. 🙂

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