A Writer’s Letter Goodbye

Taking my dreams and putting them away.
Emotions plead; rest is what I need.
My mind has softened with all this wordplay.
The little workers inside my head are frenzied;
feeling need to spend time with families instead
Takes a lot effort not to have my intentions misread
My production has been done with a serious face.
The good I have achieve I don’t want to debase.
However, a few lines in explanation won’t hurt.
Don’t want anybody to say I left without a trace.
I take pride that I send my words out doing a sashay
and command them, in the end, to be sure they curtsied.
On their lapel and backs, I check for clichés.
Despite demand, always required another proofread.
Even then, errors are found widespread.
therefore, my efforts to be candid were stymied.
Worse or all, I am seen as a braincase.
Now when I write, I can’t stop using the backspace.
With this admission, further damage I hope to divert.
Don’t want anybody to say I left without a trace.
My adult life has always been somewhat blase.
Out of fear, I faced each given day with much heed.
Otherwise, I felt like my next moment would be doomsday.
Those free from the shackles of feelings like these I envied.
Sadly, feeling like this is how I was bred.
yes, lacking in many areas but the fine art of fear I’m purebred.
My pedigree makes me encased in disgrace.
Don’t remember when I was not looking for a crawl space.
With words, I hoped my fears I could finally erase.
Sadly, I learned my fear was so grimy I can not culvert.
Don’t want anybody to say I left without a trace.

6 thoughts on “A Writer’s Letter Goodbye

    • Thank you. It was written a few days back when I was feeling down and started thinking what is the point of me writing. Planned on ending my effort. As I was writing I decided to put it away and see if I felt the same way in a few days. If I did…I would finish with a real goodbye and be on my way.

      However, when I read it today I was impressed with what I wrote. I actually wondered if I was the one who wrote it. I do not mean to sound full of myself…but I believe every writer has pride in what they create otherwise they would not risk sending it out.

      In the end…I sent it out and have decided to continue to improve on my writing by writing some more.

      Thank you for voicing your appreciation. 🙂

      • So glad to know I’m not alone in the surprise when I go back and read what’s been written. I thought I was a little big-headed. Thanks for sharing that!

        So glad you’re not leaving the scene. Good grief, look around – we’re mostly a motley mess of writers who need a good course in English!

        If you ever do decide to quit…start an anonymous one (don’t tell anyone around you)…then e-mail me and let me know your new blog. Don’t want to miss your beautiful heart as it shines through your words!

  1. I understand that feeling of wanting to walk away from writing. I actually walked away from it for about a year at one point, but coming back and blogging here has helped so much. Also, finding this community (you included) has really been a gift.

    Thanks for sharing what you were going through!

    I’m so glad that you decided to come back to it!!

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