Alone, I Fight Against Not Nice Grand Voices (Sestina)

Here I am, all alone.

Yet, all around, there are still voices.

They always put me down.

I wish one was nice,

and would lend a voice to my constant fight.

That would be grand.

A moment of mere seconds of peace I would pay a grand.

In believing the value, I’m sure I’m not alone.

I’m sure I am not the only one fighting this kind of fight

against disembodied voices.

With others, I try to play nice.

However, it’s harder to do when they want to bring me down.

Into the abyss of darkness I’m thrown down.

The Demons all around me mirth is grand,

and believe it’s nice,

to finally have me all alone.

It is their joyful bombardment of voices

I constantly bravely fight.

With fist, I have never learned to fight.

When I have tried, I have always been knocked down.

Contrary to my skills with brawn, I am skilled at fighting voices.

Even though my skill with my shield of reflection is grand,

I grow weary quickly when fighting alone.

Which is why having another to join in on my side would be nice.

Though it would be nice,

not to be alone in my fight,

it is a fight I’m destined to do alone.

The abyss I was thrown down

depth is grand

and dug with ease by my life’s evil voices.

I wish the voices would be nice.

That way my life would be grand and I would not have to fight.

Not to be alone, for once would be nice.

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