He does have a right to a wrong opinion…..

A fellow blogger, who states outright, his opinions are politically incorrect, sent out a post that said, despite a few women, he did not respect woman. His reasoning based on the assumption that feminists just want everything and treated like royalty. Please keep in mind he repetitively referred to all woman as a collective by calling them her or she. I must admit. my knee jerk reaction was to go and bite him. However, after some food on my stomach and I cleared my head….I posted the following. 

As a woman, my first inclination was to come and post in anger in response to what you wrote. Then I remembered this is your blog and not mine, which is adjacent. Instead, I will only wish you the best with all sincerity. Signed Billie Ann (not she or her)

I know it would be easy to focus on what he said, however my post is about a response I have given. I knew, it would do no good to try to change his mind. Instead, I decided to prove him wrong and treat him with respect…the respect he said he rarely gives to a woman.

I feel good about that decision.

Billie ♥

3 thoughts on “He does have a right to a wrong opinion…..

  1. You’ve been nominated for the Liebster Blog award for bloggers.
    Look at my post “This is about nominations…” Down the page a ways is a statement in light blue
    Again, you have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. Please follow the directions after the OKAY ROUND TWO.
    Thanks for helping me and congratulations.
    If this is unclear let me know.
    Thanks again

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