I Am Bipolar

I was chosen to be a warrior

Answered the call knowing
My survival is my only reward

Bruised battered but never beaten by the Beast
In need for retreat from time to time because
Pleasure and Pain is often felt in excess
Only time I fear my demise is when both meet
Laughing at the havoc the bring to the one battling.
Amount of agony felt requires a call for reinforcements
Relief is great when they carry me off the battlefield…and I get my only reward for being a chosen warrior.


Children are often chosen to be warriors as well. Here is a link to another Blog with a poem about this and further informationhttp://writingsofamrs.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/butterfly-box/

6 thoughts on “I Am Bipolar

  1. Wonderful Acrostic! I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar…you did a good job of capturing the inner tension that exists when doing battle! You have quite a gift my friend

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