My Angel is a Poetic Pirate (Tony Haynes)

Since my Poetic Pirate Angel (Tony Haynes) has inspired many emotional written responses from me, this being the most recent, our relationship demands an introduction. 

Tony Haynes, otherwise known as my Poetic Pirate, has become a major motivator for me. He not only motivates the part which is obsessed with words and desires to master the craft of presenting them in a way that delights people visually, lyrically, intellectually, and emotionally, he also motivates the part which fights to keep hidden because it fears rejection from those it knows and from those who it meets for the first time. I could go on and on about how great the Angel Pirate is in my eyes. However, I thought I would do this by using a different approach.

Me, aka The Eye, first met the Angel Pirate through a mutual friend who shares our passion for writing. We, who were just strangers in a group, offered our words from our heart risking being torn apart by all the other members who also fancied themselves writers. With every post we made, Tony earned his special spot in my heart. Here is the most recent of our actual Facebook interactions that will show you how great he is and why The Eye sees him as her Angel. Please keep in mind, what I show you is friendly interaction. As such, spelling and grammar errors will be been not only because auto correct is a joke but also because talking with friends, form always takes a back seat to content. As you read, please remember any of my personal commentary will be in bold.


“For Every Breakdown, There’s A Breakthrough”

For every breakdown there’s a breakthrough
Over to the sunny side
Life will take down – but
Love will take you
On to pastures green & wide
With every breakdown there’s a breakthrough God provides

Growth lays its stake down and remakes you
On the milk & honey side
Does its shakedown – won’t forsake you
So growth is never satisfied

For every breakdown there’s a breakthrough
On the “tears-get-runny-side”
Oh what aches now?
This may hurt you
Still once the saddest tear has dried
The happy ones you haven’t cried
Evoke the joys personified
Proving the ride is worth the price when you ‘make do’
So for every breakdown, there’s a break through

From my book: “This Has Everything To Do With My Life”

Here is my response….

How true! I had a Breakdown and had the Breakthrough that Father was just a title that I did not have to honor if he was not deserving of the title. I had a Breakdown and had the Breakthrough that my words were denied their power to heal my essence if I did not release them from that secret hiding place in my mind. As always, my Angel Pirate, you inspire me! HUG! I have your permission to share this on my blog, giving you credit of course, along with my response?

His response to my request shows his wonderful sense of humor. ♥

you get no arrrrghumment from me, share my swashbuckling friend by all means share!


2 thoughts on “My Angel is a Poetic Pirate (Tony Haynes)

    • He is indeed a great find. 🙂 I have many little special moments like this with him. I will be sharing them from time to time to keep the series going on a regular basis. I hope you not only enjoy them but they touch your heart like they did mine when they happened. God Bless!

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