My Brave Artist (Villanelle)

Billie A. Zahir aka "The Eye"

I’m in love with a warrior artist.

He fights demons without making a fist.

I have watched him battle, with pen in had, he is the bravest!

I know his shoulders are not the broadest

and he is not considered part of the A list.

However, this is sadly the plight of any true artist.

He came into my life when it was the bleakest.

The world seemed to be wrapped in a suffocating evil mist.

His words slashed away at my gray existence proving he is the bravest!

I know, you are right. My opinion is biased.

But wanted to let you know about this great man…or at least a gist.

I want all to know of my love, the artist.

He entered my life when I was at my bluest

and gave me what I needed to have other colors with a twist.

Men, full of brawn, were…

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