Emotion’s Roost (Line Messaging)

A life is judged by a person’s actions

and guided by notions.

However, don’t forget, ugly emotions.

No matter how good the intentions, emotions efface.

Causing a  possible fall from grace.

The mission of a person is to find a special place.

A place emotions can feel at ease roosting

where their existence does not have to be proven with shouting

This place, where they can glimmer, can be found only  in writing.


12 thoughts on “Emotion’s Roost (Line Messaging)

      • Kira….While I was doing some tweaking on the blog I reread the comment you made on my offering “Red.” Then I remembered that the comment that you made was the inspiration for this offering. While it was still fresh in my mind, I wanted to let you know this. I also want to say thanks for the inspiration…goes to show ya….everyone has power to be the intelectual and emotional lubricant for another’s artistic endeavor. All a person has to do is not be afraid to speak up and say what they feel and think. 🙂

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