You Don’t Want to be Fat Do You?

I am Reblogging this because I want to address the issue(s) in it in writing later on because I need to say something on the subject….my heart will not allow me to be silent. Best Wishes to you all and please remember you are perfectly imperfect and that is fine because you are perfectly you.

10 thoughts on “You Don’t Want to be Fat Do You?

  1. Since my dark side is here in this moment, I get what the mother is saying. I DONT AGREE with it., but she is telling a brutal, mean truth about US! My friends in FA and OA have it way worse than us addicts or alcoholics. They have to “let the beast out,” three times a day to eat or to make food for their families. Paradigms dont shift quickly or easily. The shame associated with body image is an easy one to target, just like people’s color. I am glad the mom said no suckers, but her reasoning was shaming to the three little ones.

    • I agree this is the reality we live in. However, just because something is accepted as reality for us does it have to be the reality of our children….even if it is damaging to the value the place on themselves and otheras? I believe we do have the power and responsibility to do just that. This is a video of a performance at a Poetry Slam. She says my point best. Let me know what you think. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I always love to say the I am the most perfect imperfect I will ever be! I look forward to your writing on this subject matter!

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