CNN, FOX, And The Like (Apigram)

Want to know what to think?

CNN and FOX are willing to help you out.

They will feed you the opinions they have crafted from bits and pieces.

Always forgetting to include all the nuts and bolts of facts.

Oops! That’s ok, cause they don’t think you think anyway.

They will just feed you the emotional crap

in hopes you get mad at the people who don’t pay their bills.

They don’t stop to think the damage they are causing

in the country they say they love….

But hey! They made a buck.

The  American way.

So it is ok.

Or so they say.



4 thoughts on “CNN, FOX, And The Like (Apigram)

  1. Well why dont you tell me what you really think! I have given up on “learning” anything from almost all sources. News has become the “Tokyo Rose” of WWII. Dribble. Mindless. No critical thinking at all. Espouse a political opinion. Me, Me, Me, Fucking ME!!!
    Oh yeah by the way, the most passive “Fuck you,” that could be delivered by one to another is what “news” is nowadays. Whew! Got that off my chest. I love being up at 4:44 a.m and listening to Billy Joel singing “Innocent Man!”

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