I will make a new category for this on my Blog later when not being limited by my phone. However, I felt a insatiable need for a question of mine to be put out there.

Because I blog in order to put my words out there, I don’t believe the desire for followers to be something I’m ashamed of. Unless, that is, my words are driven by numbers and not vise versa.

With thus in mind, I would like to ask more seasoned bloggers a couple of questions. First, have you ever saw one of your posts that you believed had worth ignored with few likes and no comments? If so, did it every break your heart like it does mine? I could understand if some reason was left in the form of a comment for it bring found sub par at least then you could attempt to fix it. If it is not a matter of being worthy, rather, lack of visibility…How do you fix it?

Any thoughts on the matter will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Now it is your turn to speak...

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