First step has been attempted….

I was advised, the following was the first step for writing a memoir, “Exactly what story I wanted to tell.  After all, I have had a full life and could probably mine several books out of it.  To focus on one particular story, I took the advice of an instructor and wrote a one sentence description of my story.  It wasn’t a Faulknerian sentence either.  Just one concise sentence that sums up what my book is about.”

Anybody who knows me can attest to the fact that keeping something short and sweet is not something I’m good at. lol

What I have decided is to give myself 3 options for what my story is about and ask any who dares to venture an opinion to let me know which one they believe would make the best story.

  1. A reflective look back at how having a Step-Father who cared for growing up has had a positive impact on who I am today.
  2. How my artistic side has always been something I would use to help with my Manic and Depression episodes even before I knew I was Bipolar.
  3. A detailed account of my multiple stays in Mental Health facilities that will have humor mixed with self-revelations.

Ok…those are the choices.

I welcome any feedback you want to give and I will work on a short intro on each giving an example of the direction and feel each one would have if made my final decision.

Wish me luck! lol

6 thoughts on “First step has been attempted….

  1. I am somewhat partial to option #2. I know it is because I am currently using my blog/writing as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as impulse control for my addictions. I don’t think people realize how cathartic writing can be for all sorts of struggles (e.g. addictions, mental illness, emotional distress).

    • How true! Even before I was diagnosed with Manic Depression, I used writing to help focus my emotions. The awareness of how much good an artistic outlet can be for a person’s mental health is just recently being noticed. Before, my attempts were sometimes hindered with a fear of not being good enough to put myself out there. Now that I am older and wiser, I realize the decision not to do it was only hurting me and saying my negative thoughts were right about me not being good enough. So I decided to be brave despite the fear and just show myself one blog post at a time. I have not been sorry once that I have. I am blessed. 🙂 Again, thanks for caring enough to leave your opinion on the memoir. I will take it into consideration for sure.

      • Oh, boy I can relate to that fear! Each time I post something about my addictions I think, “Did I really just write that down?” lol I’m glad the writing is working for you. Please let us know what you pick for your memoir!

  2. They all have really different themes and would relate well to a diverse range of groups. I myself like option 2 but only cause its something close to my life and family that I witness regularly… But seem to see a sincere lack of understanding about within the wider world. Number three would be really interesting also and popular in the whole therapy driven society theme we seem to have going now. And number one sounds great also- just really different again. Would love to read the intros when you get them done to really see where you’d head with each idea!

    • Thanks for seeing the merit of them all. Honestly, my attempts at a sampling of them all is exciting to me as well and looking forward to seeing what will result. I hope you keep taking the time to give me thoughtful feedback as I continue with my memoir project….your input can only make the end result better. 🙂

      • I’ll do my best to check back as often as I can and share my thoughts! Nothing better than feedback along the way to help you improve! I know myself even just grammatical things are great to check over with a second pair of eyes- I tend to read what I think I’ve written and not what’s in front of me a lot :s good luck with it all! Looking forward to what’s to come 🙂

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