A Nice Change of Pace……

Given recent events, I was in search of hope. This is only one hopefull thing I found. I hope it gives you hope like it did me.

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ I wasn’t kidding before when I said the warm weather brings out the people with signs in my community <article>

Last night on my way home from work I noticed these four young adults on the corner holding their DIY poster board ‘Peace’ signs.

What is your first reaction when you see young people like this? Do you roll your eyes and put your head down and try to walk by them without making eye-contact?

After I took a couple pictures I went over to talk with the young man in glasses; 

“So whats the deal man, were you guys sitting around this morning listening to some Bob Marley and you said to yourselves, ‘lets go outside and hold some peace signs dude’?”

he shook his head,

“no man, we’re not on drugs at all. We just wanted to spread a little love. We…

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