Battle Cry

You evil man who plays the victim…I have a message for you.

(don’t run and hide)

Your days are numbered. This I can assure you.

For the longest time I have camped outside your Tower of Lies…denied entrance by your victims installed as guards.

I wonder what you will say when asked to account for your torture of the ones you were tasked to nurture…

Will you claim to be innocent because you were once a victim?

That excuse will not fly guy. The pain you endured will not give you asylum from the pain you inflicted.

By circumstance, I was saved from your worse. And the guilt I feel for this fuels my desire…to see you and your fortress burned up by fire.

Years have passed. You are old. We are still broken. But I can finally see you are starting to weaken.

I pray your fall allows those you now hold prisoner freedom from lies you told and they can finally see the strength, power, and beauty they posses.

Untill they are released I will remain your tormented victim.

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