A Reflection’s Final Adieu

My worth is more than the reflection of you that I allow you to see.

You like what you see of you reflected in my eyes.

Consider my reflection of a gift…from me to you.

However, I would be remiss if I did not warn.

While my reflection of you is true…

My goal is to find the person who reflects me the very way I reflect you.

I know there is beauty to be found in the ugly I feel.

This is the truth of the matter…

We are not creatures designed to live in this world solo. We all feel the need to be part of a duo.

I used to think you were my other half but time has shown the reflection of you is why you want me by your side


This is evident with the anger you show when I turn you pretty reflection off and allow the ugly shine thru

Or when you display irrational jealousy when I care enough to reflect another in a loving effort to allow them to see the beauty they have.

I am hoping you someday find the person you can see your reflection in and care enough about to reflect them back…

But my time reflecting you is over and done.

It’s time for me to go in search for my radiant reflection in somebody new.


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